About The Injectory®

We believe our services are a luxury that should make you feel special without any judgmement or pretentiousness. Our approach is to understand your goals and work towards achieving realistic and natural looking results, providing thorough information and planning within a budget you are comfortable with.

Why The Injectory®? 

The Injectory® stands out as a woman-owned small business, whose background is in anesthesia where attention to detail is paramount. Bobby-Jo, our owner and a CRNA, has a unique background equipping us to help you manage any anxiety and discomfort during procedures. Our team brings a diverse medical background - from anesthesia and critical care to military service and travel nursing. This rich tapestry of experience and years of collective experience ensure that you receive the highest quality of care.
As a client, you should choose our med spa for a truly personalized, non-judgemental and exceptional experience. We are dedicated to providing top-notch care and results, tailored to your individual needs. With a team of experienced professionals who prioritize your individuality and well-being, we spend more time with our patients to offer a unique blend of expertise and compassion. Our clients trust us to deliver outstanding service and results that exceed your expectations.

 Our aesthetic and wellness clinic offers a comprehensive range of services, including botox, fillers, biostimulants, hormone replacement, advanced laser technologies, microneedling, chemical peels, facials, waxing, medical-grade skincare and more. Our commitment to excellence was recognized in 2023, when we were awarded "Bronze" for Best Medspa in Chesapeake, just two years after opening.

Experience Confidence and Beauty from the inside out at The Injectory. Visit us to discover how our expertise can enhance your natural beauty.

Our Team

Christine Sammons, BSN, RN

Bobby-Jo Lutner, CRNA

Kayla Matthews, RN

Jackie Vecerkauskas, LME

Darcy Guerricagoitia, MS


Bobby-Jo Lutner, CRNA

I am Bobby-Jo Lutner, a Nurse Anesthesiologist. My journey in healthcare began in 2002 when I discovered the career of CRNA. With a passion for precision and patient care, I applied to and was accepted by Binghamton University a “public Ivy League University” and graduated with distinctions. My nursing career commenced in an ICU, where my meticulous attention to detail quickly made me a favorite among physicians.

I continued my education at Old Dominion University’s Nurse Anesthesia Program, graduating with honors. My professional experience includes three years at a Level 1 Trauma center deal with high stress, high risk and critical situations, where I honed my skills. 10 years later, I developed a keen interest in the field of medical aesthetics. In 2018, after receiving my first Botox injection, I delved into research about the industry. The 2020 Covid-19 pandemic led me to pursue training in aesthetics. 

In February 2021, I launched The Injectory as a concierge service, and by June, we had moved into a location at the 204 Carmichael Way location. Remarkably, within the first few months of opening our doors, we welcomes over 100 clients. Our aesthetics and wellness clinic focuses on enhancing beauty from the inside out, with the primary goal of injecting confidence. 

Owner & Founder, APRN Aesthetic Injector and CRNA

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Christine Sammons, BSN, RN

Kind, charismatic and fun would be three words to describe Christine. Christine is a Registered Nurse working on pursuing her Masters Degree in nursing, to become a Family Nurse Practitioner and seeks every opportunity to learn and advance her knowledge and skills. She is a proud Navy spouse and dog mom to her 3 yr old goldendoodle, Ripley. Christine is a previous Mother/baby nurse and has a passion for women’s health and taking care of women. She sees that women are always putting others first and rarely take time to take care of themselves. Christine is here to pour into your cup and be a part of your selfcare and self-betterment journey. She is committed to her clients and truly wants what is best for them not just in her treatment chair but in their lives. When she is not at work or school she loves working out, going on trips with her husband and spending time outside. Christine’s favorite treatments are Face Reality’s acne bootcamp and SkinPen.

Cosmetic Injector

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Jackie Vecerkauskas, LME

Jackie Vecerkauskas is a highly skilled master esthetician with over 7 years of experience in the aesthetic industry. She loves helping clients with their acne in our acne bootcamp by Face Reality Skincare. She has a deep passion for skincare, Jackie has honed her expertise in medical-grade skincare products, offering clients tailored solutions that address their unique skin concerns. She is particularly fond of AdvaTx treatments, leveraging this advanced technology to deliver exceptional results. Committed to helping individuals achieve clear and healthy skin, Jackie combines her extensive knowledge and personalized care to transform her clients' skincare journeys. 

Outside of our clinic Jackie loves to spend time with her husband, family and dog Nash and Cat Willow. As a Virginia Beach native she also loves to be at the beach reading a good book or surfing (wearing SPF!).

Master Esthetician

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Kayla Matthews, RN

With a background in nursing that began in 2017, Kayla combines a passion for beauty and science to provide top-quality care for her patients. After quickly advancing from bedside nurse to Nursing Supervisor in a hospital setting, she discovered her love for making others feel more confident while working with a local bridal makeup company. Realizing that aesthetics was the perfect combination of her two passions, she dove headfirst into the field and hasn't looked back. Committed to staying up to date with the latest procedures and products, she has dedicated countless hours to training with industry experts to ensure her patients receive the best possible outcomes. Kayla is best known for treating every patient like a long time friend and creating a comfortable environment where they can feel at ease in their own skin, she strives to leave every individual feeling more beautiful and confident after their treatment. Beyond her patient care, Kayla is a respected national trainer for Reveal Lasers, crisscrossing the country to share her expertise and train fellow professionals on cutting-edge technology and devices, solidifying her reputation as a trailblazer in the industry.

Aesthetic Injector

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Darcy Guerricagoitia, MS

Darcy is a graduate of the University of Maryland where she received her Masters and obtained dual board certification. Darcy is a board-certified Adult-Gero Acute Care Nurse Practitioner and Adult Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist with more than 20 years in critical care medicine. Darcy has been in the Navy Nurse Corps for more than 20 years with several overseas tours and deployments. She moved to Chesapeake after graduation and began working at the Naval Hospital in the ICU as an NP and CNS. It was here where she was first exposed to aesthetic medicine by chance. Over the last 3 years she has focused on learning about the aesthetic industry, attending courses, and studying facial anatomy. Darcy enjoys teaching about facial anatomy, why we inject where we do for the most natural results and helping her clients feel more confident. Darcy loves dogs and has a 12-year-old (ish) Miniature Pinscher, Shiloh. She loves spending time with family, friends, and being outside (wearing sunscreen).

Her favorite treatments to give (and get!) are neurotoxins, biostimulators, any collagen-boosting procedures such as PRP injections and maintenance facials.

Nurse Practitioner 

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Selena, MA

Selena Beaulieu is our Medical Assistant. She is originally from Connecticut, and currently pursuing her passion in nursing school with aspirations to become a nurse injector. With a background as a Navy corpsman, she brings a wealth of medical experience to her practice. Her Colombian heritage enriches her perspective as she dedicates her time to assisting patients in achieving their weight loss goals within the clinic. 

Marketing Manager and Front Desk Executive

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When it comes to your face, you want to make sure you choose someone you can trust. I cannot recommend Bobby Jo Lutner highly enough. I’ve used Bobby Jo for Botox of my frown lines, crows feet, and to treat wrinkles in my forehead! She is amazing!!! She answered all of my questions and explained the entire process from start to finish! I’ve used someone else in the past and I felt extremely rushed! That’s not a good feeling and made me feel that I wasn’t important!! I never felt that way with Bobby Jo. She takes her time, is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and she puts you at ease!

I was concerned about if it would hurt or not, and I didn’t even feel it!! It was such a wonderful experience and I will only use her!!!! I loved the results and she knew exactly what I needed to feel my best! She even checked on me throughout the upcoming weeks to make sure I was happy with my results! You rock Bobby Jo!


I had such a lovely experience with The Injectory team! I have had Botox before so I wasn’t new to the process but these ladies went above and beyond. They explained everything in great detail and they did a new injection pattern that I had never had before that gave me excellent, longer lasting results. They asked if one of the women training could sit in and of course I didn’t mind. I’m so glad I got to hear her break it down into scientific terms! Very fascinating. These are some intelligent women!

10/10 would recommend!!


I’ve trusted my face to 4 different people for botox treatment. I’m so impressed with Bobby Jo’s expertise from The Injectory! Knowing that she spends many of her days as a Nurse Anesthetist in an OR environment gave me the reassurance of her medical skillset and ability to intuitively observe and monitor the performance of the products she endorses. I’m so pleased with my results! In fact, I entrusted her to perform botox to my masseters to assist in combating my nightly jaw clenching! This alone was a game changer! No more waking up with a tight jaw and neck!


As someone who had never gotten Botox before, I was extremely nervous! Bobby-Jo was comforting and explained the entire process to me before we got started. She was very exact, she did the injections quickly and without hurting me and she talked to me throughout to keep me from being nervous. I will never go to anyone else!

Highly recommend!


“I absolutely love the atmosphere of The Injectory!! It is so peaceful. Everything from the botox to lip fillers to the consults are top notch. Everyone at The Injectory is always so helpful and friendly. Bobby-Jo is very sweet and listens to every need and answers every question. I highly recommend you stop by and visit. You will not be disappointed! 


Injecting Confidence

Choosing our med spa means choosing a team dedicated to injecting confidence into your life. Our own experiences with injectables and medical spa treatments have inspired us to share that joy and confidence with you. By listening to your goals and working together to create a personalized plan, we aim to bring out the best version of you. With decades of experience and a commitment to highlighting your natural beauty, we strive to help you age gracefully and feel confident for years to come. Our selection of products is based on proven results and evidence-based research, ensuring you receive the best care possible. Let us help you stand taller, embrace your natural beauty, and feel mesmerized by the positive changes you'll see.

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