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You’ve heard about the magic skin tone–evening powers of SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic ($169) and the love for ZO® Skinhealth Skincare brand, both of which are offered at The Injectory®, as they are professional strength and medical-grade. But if you went into a Sephora, Ulta, or Target to pick up one yourself, you’d come out empty-handed. Both are primarily sold at medi spas, dermatology offices, or authorized sites. Here is a little more for why medical-grade products are worth the price:

  • Higher concentrations of active ingredients. Having a higher concentration and better quality active ingredients ensures that your skin is able to utilize the ingredients to its full capacity. The results are real changes in how your skin functions.
  • Backed by clinical research. While OTC skincare items aren’t required to undergo clinical trials, ZO® and Skinceuticals are backed by medical research.
  • Recommended by professionals. With so many options, it can be difficult to find the right skincare products on your own. Medical-grade skincare products recommended by a dermatologist or aesthetician are customized to your unique needs and skin type, so you receive the right skincare products the first time, rather than spending money on multiple products that may not work.

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Medspa vs. Spa?

What does that mean? I didn’t know there was a difference!

There is a difference between the two.  A spa facial focuses on relaxing and superficially rejuvenating the skin.  A medical-grade facial focuses on improving the health of the skin and tackling specific skin concerns unique to you. 

When Should You Consider Getting a Medical Facial?

To be perfectly honest, regular facials at home or with an aesthetic expert should be part of your regular skincare routine. Even ordinary facials can exfoliate, deeply cleanse, and extract impurities from the skin that can refine your skin texture and appearance. But when do you need to have a medical facial? There are a few circumstances where an advanced facial may be the method to use.

You Have Specific Skin Needs:

This refers to a range of conditions that cannot be managed by at-home skincare alone. Fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, melasma, enlarged pores, acne, and shallow scarring are all specific concerns that can’t be handled by over-the-counter products alone. Medical-grade facials are strong and effective enough to easily stimulate collagen production to resolve the most visible signs of aging, as well as correct other superficial skin concerns.

You Want to “Level up” your Skin Health

If you are interested in boosting the overall health of your skin, then you want to use an advanced facial to maintain your skin. Your skin health relies on a functioning skin barrier that blocks out pollutants and irritants while also retaining moisture in the subdermal layers of your skin. When dead skin cells build up on the skin’s surface, your skin barrier tends to fail. This leads to skin sensitivity and breakouts. Advanced peels can regulate your cellular turnover so your skin can remain healthy.

A Medical-grade facial is also used to enhance the results of your other treatments. For example, if you are using acne treatments on an ongoing basis, then regular facials for acne can help keep your pores clear of dead skin cells and acne-causing bacteria. Similarly, anti-aging treatments can be supported with facials that promote the production of elastin and collagen within the skin.

staff member performing facial on client
Employee giving client a facial

 Not sure what Facial is best for you?

When you come to The Injectory®, our Master Esthetician will assess your skin health and discuss your concerns and goals. Together you will decide the best facial, products, and add ons to address these concerns and goals.

Skin Prep Facial:  A skin treatment designed to prepare your skin for higher level treatments. The first step to amazing results is prepping your skin! Perfect for anyone considering Microneedling, VI Peels, Lumecca, Morpheus 8 or CoolPeel. We recommend you bring a list of your current skin care routine for your Master Esthetician to review. $150

Maintenance Facial : The perfect service for skin that is healthy and in good condition, in between Lumecca, Morpheus 8, VI Peels, and CoolPeel treatments, or for clients wishing to maintain their results. Your Master Esthetician will review your current skincare regimen and perform a detailed analysis to determine what your skin currently needs. $150

Skin Assessment & Recovery Facial : The ideal treatment for neglected skin! If you are brand new to skincare, or if its been awhile since your last facial, then this fully customized treatment is for you. Your Master Esthetician will discuss skin type and conditions, perform a detailed analysis, as well as help develop a treatment plan for your skin. It is recommended to bring a list of your current skincare regimen to review with your Master Esthetician. $200

Express Dermaplane : The treatment for the person who is always on the go. Don’t have an hour or more for a facial? Quick and effective 30 minute standalone corrective treatment. $95

Express Microdermabrasion:  Quick and effective 30 minute standalone corrective treatment. $95


Additional Services Available

  • LED Treatment $20Improves skin conditions on a cellular level.
  • Rejuvenating Hand Treatment $50A light peel and masque that will take years off your hands.
  • High Frequency Scalp Treatment $10 – Improves blood flow to the scalp stimulating hair follicles.
  • Lip Wax $15
  • Lash Tint & Lift $75
  • Brows Tint & Wax $40